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FleetWave-LTE can benefit any industry by maximizing productivity and ensuring safety with our PTT products.

Nationwide PTT Network

Productivity and functionality for your two-way radio communications.

Industries We Serve

FleetWave-LTE can benefit just about any industry; construction, towing, transportation, fire and rescue, and many more - how we stand out from most other PTT companies is our focus on integrating Push-to-Talk technology to the public safety industry, which includes but is not limited to campus security, police officers, and security officers. Our interoperability allows for the connection between traditional and existing LMR systems and our PTT over cell products.


FleetWave-LTE is paving the way for reliable, nationwide coverage to suit your everyday needs in the concrete industry.


Building reliable, efficient communication in the construction industry with FleetWave-LTE.


Standing out in the industry can be a challenge in a competitive market. FleetWave-LTE is fueling the energy industry with efficient communication.

Towing & Recovery

Efficient communication is critical in the towing industry.


Having dependable, efficient communication within governmental entities is crucial. Enjoy the benefits Push-to-Talk technology can provide.

School Bus

Drive your way towards student safety with FleetWave-LTE.


Utilize FleetWave-LTE in the transportation industry for safe and efficient communication that's along for the ride.

Waste Management

Back-and-forth calls can be such a waste of time-with FleetWave-LTE, communicating with your team is as easy as pressing one button!

Red Hot Deals

Communicating with your team shouldn't break the bottom line.