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FleetWave-LTE is paving the way for reliable, nationwide coverage to suit your everyday needs in the concrete industry.


The concrete industry can be a very potentially hazardous environment—with FleetWave-LTE though, you can increase worker safety with our Push-to-Talk technology that allows you to talk with your team at the press of a button.

Whether you need to reach your cement masons, the construction manager, or anyone else on the job, you can now easily do so with FleetWave-LTE. Improve safety and efficiency by avoiding time consuming back-and-forth calls or miscommunications within your company by relying on PTT to help get the job done.

Rock Solid with FleetWave-LTE

Learn how PTT can turn your team into a safer and more efficient company.

Some of the other benefits to using Push-to-Talk products in the concrete industry include:

A rugged design suitable for any dirt, dust, or wind environment
Eliminate the need for back and forth calling with instant communication
Private and group calling, allowing you to communicate with your entire team
Locate and manage team members using GPS tracking
Interoperability that allows the connection between existing LMR systems and PTT
Nationwide coverage