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Efficient communication is critical in the towing industry. Whether you’re responding to an accident, illegal parking, obstructing traffic, or any other reason for a towing job, being quick to the call is a necessary duty. With FleetWave-LTE, easily communicate with your team with the press of a button. Whether you’re down the hall or across town, with nationwide coverage and interoperability between existing LMR and cellphones, FleetWave-LTE has you covered with fast, reliable, communication to make your towing company more efficient.

Because of Federal, State, and local driving laws that prohibit using a cellphone or other device while driving, it can be difficult to talk with your team on the road. FleetWave-LTE stands out from other radios because Push-to-Talk technology allows you to instantly connect to your workers with just one button, meaning FleetWave-LTE meets DOT Compliance when the radio is in reach of the driver, reducing distracted driving while also providing safe transportation.

The challenge to safely communicate just got easier

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Some of the other benefits to using Push-to-Talk technology in the towing and recovery industry include:

GPS tracking services that allow you to monitor routes
Coordinate with multiple towing trucks at the same time
Sending SOS notifications in case of an emergency
DOT compliance
Dispatch drivers with the help of our PC Dispatch Console
Relay information on road conditions, weather, or road closures with instant communication and GPS tracking