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Dependable, efficient communication for governmental entities is crucial


Having dependable, efficient communication within governmental entities is crucial; eliminate the need for back-and-forth calls using a cell phone and choose FleetWave-LTE to provide you with the tools you need to decrease downtime, increase productivity, and save you money. Our products utilize push-to-talk technology, so that you can instantly talk with your team with just one button.

Relying on 4G/LTE data, bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, FleetWave-LTE has you covered at any moment in time. Whether you’re down the street or across the country, FleetWave-LTE makes it easy to communicate between any radio, cellphone, computer, or LMR system with our mobile app and interoperability features.

Government entities depend on FleetWave-LTE

Learn more reasons how push-to-talk technology benefits the government.

Some of the other benefits to using Push-to-Talk products for a Governmental sector include:

Low monthly costs and leasing options
Nationwide coverage
Group-wide or private push-to-talk communication
Relay critical information across the entire team
SOS emergency notification features
Locate and manage employees with GPS tracking capabilities