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Utilize FleetWave-LTE in the transportation industry for safe and efficient communication that’s along for the ride.


Anything can happen on the road—accidents, long traffic lines, or bad weather that cause delays in the transportation industry. Whether you are delivering packages or people through buses, taxis, planes, or boats, FleetWave-LTE has you covered when it comes to safe technology. Our Push-to-Talk products provide instant communication at the press of a button, so when you need to reach a driver down the street or even across the country, you can count on FleetWave-LTE to deliver.

Because of Federal, State, and local driving laws that prohibit using a cellphone or other device while driving, it can be difficult to talk with your team on the road. With FleetWave-LTE though, the challenge to safely communicate just became a whole lot easier. Since Push-to-Talk technology allows you to instantly connect to your workers at the push of a button, FleetWave-LTE meets DOT Compliance when the radio is in reach of the driver, reducing distracted driving while also providing safe transportation.

Distracted Free Driving

Secure, efficient, and most importantly, distracted free driving paves the way for safer streets. See how your company can be driven to success through our FleetWave-LTE products.

Some of the other benefits to using Push-to-Talk products in the transportation industry include:

Monitor routes and deliveries with fast GPS tracking
Talk one-on-one or to the entire fleet at the press of a button.
Communicate between cellphones, radios, and existing LMR systems with our mobile app and interoperability features
Send safety alerts or SOS alerts
Dispatch drivers with the help of our PC Dispatch Console.
Nationwide coverage