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Building reliable, efficient communication in the construction industry with FleetWave-LTE.


Having efficient communication is crucial to building a successful construction business. Unlike a typical cell phone, FleetWave-LTE allows you to instantly talk with your team—whether you are communicating with your construction superintendent, project engineer, construction laborers, or the many other members of your company, you can now easily do so using FleetWave-LTE’s private or group calling features.

Not only do our FleetWave-LTE products this save you time and can increase safety, they also decrease miscommunication within your team, meaning unnecessary delays due to a misunderstanding can be avoided.

Set yourself apart from other competitors by using FleetWave-LTE

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Some of the other benefits to using Push-to-Talk products in the construction industry include:

A rugged design that is suitable for an environment full of dirt, wind, noise, etc.
Respond quickly to emergency situation with instant communication
Quickly locate and manage team members using our fast GPS tracking capabilities
Eliminating the need for back-and-forth calls
Communicate at the push of a button
Interoperability that allows the connection between existing LMR systems and PTT