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FleetWave-LTE is fueling the energy industry towards efficient communication


Standing out in the energy industry can be a challenge in such a competitive market. With the growing demand for energy and a changing industry, you can rely on FleetWave-LTE to always be ahead. With nationwide (and Canadian) coverage that relies on 4G/LTE data, instantly communicate with anyone in your company with just a press of a button.

Reduce distractions and downtime by monitoring workers through FleetWave-LTE’s GPS tracking features, or easily coordinate with your plant using group or private calling. With its many other features, push-to-talk technology provides you with the tools you need towards being a more successful business.

Stand out from competitors using FleetWave-LTE

With low monthly costs and options for leasing, PTT is the perfect choice for your business needs.

Some of the other benefits to using Push-to-Talk products in the energy industry include:

A rugged design suitable for any environment in the energy industry
SOS notification features
Long lasting battery life to keep you fueled throughout the entire workday
Respond instantly to any situation that comes your way
Increase efficiency and safety
Communicate between cellphones, radios, and existing LMR systems with our mobile app and interoperability features