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Drive your way towards student safety with FleetWave-LTE

School Bus

Student safety is always a priority—with Federal, state, and local laws though, typical radios or cell phones are prohibited while driving, making an emergency situation on the road even more dangerous with distracted driving.

With FleetWave-LTE, instantly notify your school district of any crisis with the press of a button, making it quicker, safer, and DOT compliant. Anything can happen on the road; that’s where we come in to provide the tools you need to eliminate any unnecessary factors and distractions when it comes to being on the road.

Make the roads a safer place by choosing FleetWave-LTE

With low monthly plans and a long list of features, your school district is sure to save money, improve student safety, and comply with DOT regulations.

Some of the other benefits to using Push-to-Talk technology in the school bus industry include:

SOS panic button to send emergency notifications to your school
Keep the parent pickup and bus lines flowing with group communication
Long lasting battery life to keep you set for the whole school day (and then some)
Inform the school district of potential delays while on the road due to traffic, accidents, etc.
GPS tracking services that allow you to monitor bus driver routes
Respond instantly and safely to any emergency situation