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Productivity and functionality for your two-way radio communications.

FleetWave-LTE Push-To-Talk Radios

FleetWave-LTE provides the new go-to products for all of your business needs; our Push-to-Talk technology allows you to instantly communicate with your team at the press of a button, whether you need to reach an employee across town or even across the country, FleetWave-LTE has you covered! Here are four reasons why you'll love our PTT products and how we can help your business.

Nationwide Coverage and Canada

Rather than relying on traditional statewide repeaters to communicate with your team, our PTT products work over Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE cellular to provide reliable, nationwide coverage. Communicating with your team across the country or down the hall instantly becomes so much more efficient! What's even better is that FleetWave-LTE also works in Canada - something that many other PTT companies do not provide. See our coverage map.

Instant Communication

Our PTT products provide instant communication at the press of a button. What's even greater, is that our products allow for both group and private calling! With our great sound quality and long-distance reaching capabilities, FleetWave-LTE is perfect for any sized business.

FleetWave LTE
Low Cost

Cellphones and traditional LMR systems can be very expensive, which is why we provide a more cost-effective solution for our Push-to-Talk products using month to month pricing plans. Another reason why you'll love FleetWave-LTE is that we also provide options for leasing equipment! See our pricing plans.

Easy to Use Dispatch Console and App

Our dispatch console and app allows you to easily communicate, track, and monitor your team. We also provide a mobile app for Android or IPhones to instantly talk between cellphones and our PTT products over Wi-Fi and cellular data. See how to use our dispatch console.

2-way Radio Unleashed

Benefits of FleetWave-LTE Push-to-Talk Systems Over Cellular

FleetWave® portable products
Instant Communication

Easily connect with your team in less than one second connection time.

FleetWave® mobile devices
Maximize Team Productivity

Talk with your entire team at once or individually about project needs.

FleetWave® dispatch consoles

Central Tracking & Communication Center From Any PC.

Red Hot Deals

Communicating with your team shouldn't break the bottom line.

Take a quick look inside FleetWave Partners!

Take a look inside FleetWave Partners, the sister company to Burlington Communications Service Center! FleetWave focuses on push-to-talk technology for our fleet customers. Our products provide nationwide coverage, GPS location, and instant communication at the press of a button with our 3G, 4G LTE and WIFI availability. Contact us today...


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FleetWave-LTE can benefit any industry by maximizing productivity and ensuring safety with our PTT products.


FleetWave's Knowledge Base keeps you up-to-date with the latest LTE technology.

Introducing FleetWave's PTT Technology!

Introducing our switch to push-to-talk technology! Our PTT products offer many features such as advanced GPS tracking, private and group calling, nationwide coverage, and instant communication at the press of...

FleetWave's pricing plans are a deal you don't want to miss out on!

Contact us today to learn more about our app, purchase, and lease plans that we offer with our FleetWave PTT products....

Need help choosing a radio? FleetWave can help!

Listen to see how FleetWave can help you pick the best radio no matter the reason! Whether it is personal preference, or statewide regulations on handhelds in vehicles, FleetWave has...